Is Vracer Really Just a Copy of TORCs Open Source Racing Game?

vracer or TORCSI was really excited to see Vracer on Click Bank. It looked like a really fresh piece of gaming software at an unbeatable price.

I quickly set up this review site and got busy promoting it. I mean a racing game of the quality of Vracer for only $37? It seemed too good to be true. I mean how could a game developer produce such quality for such a low price?

Is It Vracer or is it TORCS

I was cruising along getting this site to the top of Google for Vracer and V-racer because I thought this game was a steal it $37…now I find out it just might be a steal.

Vracer, You Got Mail!

TORCS VS. Vracer

TORCS Screen Shot

Like I said, I was crusing along when I get an email from TORCS that informed me that the screen shots for Vracer were actually screen shots of TORCS…hmmmm?

So far, I have contacted Vracer and I am waiting for a reply but in the mean time you can download TORC totally free at the link below and see for yourself what you think.

Download TORCS Racing Simulator Free Click—->

If Vracer can explain this whole thing to me and it makes since, I am going to take this page down, so make sure you download TORCS now.