V-Racer The Game

V-Racer Game Stats

I came across V-Racer about a month ago and thought I’d buy a copy and try it out. It caught my interest because it wasn’t a shoot-em-up game, but a racing simulator—much like a flight simulator. In other words all of the cars act like a real race car would.

V-Racer: Graphics

The graphics for V-racer are at least a 9 out of 10 as you can see at the right. I was actually shocked at the quality because of the low price I paid for the V-Racer.

V-Racer: Game Play

Game play includes the following:

  • Single Player Racing
  • Two Player with split screen. I hate split screen games but maybe that’s just me.
  • Two or more players on separate computers…this rocks! The only downside to this is you have to buy a multi-site license in order to install V-racer on more than one computer.
  • Bot Play This is where you can select an artificial intelligence bot to race against. There are a lot to chose from and you can download even more. Surprisingly they are really fun to race against because each one has its own style of racing just alike a human opponent.
  • Internet V-Racer Racing This is my favorite. You can join V-Racer network and race with people all over the world.

V-Racer Car Handling

The V-Racer cars blew me away because V-Racer cars follow the laws of physics. In other words they behaved just like a real car. There are 40 different cars to choose from and you need to understand each cars features and the way they handle so you can select the best one for the track and conditions.

You can control your cars with the computer keyboard$mdash;this sucks—or you can use standard controllers or steering wheel and pedal controllers. (These are the best)


  • V-Racer has great graphics that add to the realism of the game.
  • V-Racer has 40 cars you can choose from
  • The cars behave according to the real laws of physics
  • You can play single player, two player, connected play, and internet network play
  • You can play against A.I. bots


  • V-Racer doesn’t come with controllers and using the computer keyboard arrows just sucks
  • V-Racer needs a multi-site licence in order to install it on more than one computer
  • The game is addictive

The bottom line is that I give this game 4 and a half stars and highly recommend it to racing fans and anyone who wants a pure racing simulator.

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