Race Car Simulator Anyone Can Afford

VRacer Race Car Simulator

V Racer is the new race car simulator that obeys the physics of a real race car or should I say 40 different cars.

This cool race car simulator can run using just the keyboard of your computer to sophisticated steering wheel and pedal controllers. I really suggest that you get the latter since it makes using this software so much more real.

OK, this is the closest you can get to real racing without getting hurt. Look, this great software comes with 40 different cars that all react to the laws of physics just like the real deal.

These race car simulator cars can also sustain damage during the race which will cause the them to react the same way a real car would.

Drive Your Race Car Simulator Cars On Different Tracks

The game comes with 30 different tracks that have 30 different types of challenges.

You can use the V Racer race car simulator to race head to head with someone on a different computer or you can drive against one of the Vracer simulator A.I. bots.

You can also have two players on one computer using the split screen option or if you want to go big, you can connect to thousands of other drivers via the Internet.

VRacer Race Car Simulator Works With Windows Or Mac

The V-Racer race car simulator works on windows PC’s and Mac pc’s. Quality racing software like this generally sells for around $60, but if you act now through the following link, you can get Vracer for $37.

race car simulator download

Remember, you will never be in need of an opponent to race against with this software, because it connects to the Internet and it come with 50 different A.I. bots.

This is truly one amazing piece of software: a race car simulator anyone can afford <—$37 Click Now

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