Vracer Racing Simulator Is It Worth It?

Vracer is a racing game for the computer which would seem a hard sell with most games being sold for a platform like Xbox, Play Station, etc.  That may be one of its biggest hurdles.  I mean, who plays games on their PC anymore?

Still. I found Vracer to be appealing to the realism crowd.  You know, the game players that like simulators to be as realistic as possible and believe me that is just what Vracer is all about.

Where as the Grand Theft Auto series is more like playing along with a story line, Vracer is more like Microsoft’s  Flight simulator except it is racing cars instead of planes.

This is probable Vracers biggest plus.  It captures the realism of racing clear down to the physics of a car race.  All that is missing are the physical effects of inertia on your body.

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Vracer, Less Like A Game More Like A Hobby

From all of the people who have bought Vracer, the most common comment is that Vracer is more of a simulator than a game.  As one guy told me, “…it is less like a game and more like indulging in a hobby.”  I think that this sums it up.

So, as I was saying, this software is a mixed bag.  Probably not for you hardcore gamers out there, but there is an audience for Vracer among people who want a realistic racing experience with out the expense or dangers of real racing.

Vracer, Real Physics And Addictive

Another common thread among owners of Vracer is the realistic physics and the addictive nature of driving cars that simulate the real thing.  I don’t think I talked to a single Vracer owner who didn’t mention the physics of the game.

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Chasing Down Those Who Didn’t Like Vracer 

One of the things I wanted to do in this article is find out from the people who returned their Vracer game for a refund why they did it?  I think this gives a broader picture of this software.  I didn’t want this article to be a mere infomercial for Vracer.

After contacting several of them a common theme emerged.  Most of them returned the racing simulator software because they were expecting a game more like the Grand Theft Auto series which has very rich in story line and instead they got a racing simulator.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a car racing or chasing game, don’t waste your money on this software, but if you are interested in a realistic racing simulator just follow the link below for all of the details.

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