Vracer HD Racing Simulator

Vracer If You Love Speed.

…It still gives you a feeling no other racer can come close to! Not only does it give you the opportunity to race, it also does a good job of actually teaching someone how to properly race.

I would recommend this title to anyone who is a racing game fan. You will not be disappointed.

Paul Gentry

What Is Vracer

When I bought Vracer I thought it was another racing game but it turns out that Vracer is an amazing driving simulator…not just a racing game, but a full-fledged racing simulator. Just like the great flying simulators Vracer is a dedicated racing simulator.

So when I bought it I wasn’t sure what to expect and after booting Vracer up I found that Vracer had amazing visual detail.  If it handled they way it looked I was in for a treat.

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Driving Vracer

Of course in my eagerness to get Vracer, I forgot to get a controller.  That is when I discovered that you can control you car with the arrow keys on your computer’s keyboard.

I don’t recommend this because it sucks, but I had no choice at first.

Real Physics

I was blown away and hooked after the first turn around the track.  The way my cars reacted were true to the physics of a race car.

It got even better once I purchased a racing controller.  I haven’t driven all 40 cars yet, but I the ones I have driven are totally realistic.

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Who’s Up For A Vracer race

OK, so I admit it, I became somewhat of a pest trying to get people to race with me…as I said, I was hooked.

I finally turned to the “bots” or computerized opponents. (There are 50 of them and they are pretty smart.  Each with its own abilities and you can download more)

I also discovered that you can get a multi-site license and install Vracer on more than one computer, that way you can race with other people, each on their own computer…I told you I was hooked.

Vracer Racing Across The Web

I am the kind of guy that throws away the manuals and just starts clicking and pushing buttons so it took me a while to discover that you can join a Vracer network and race with people all over the world.

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Oh man am I in heaven!  It is really a blast.

Pros And Cons Of Vracer


  • Great Graphics…I mean really great graphics
  • Cars that obey all of the laws of physics
  • Great sound
  • Great game play
  • Great artificial intelligence for “bot” opponents
  • Able to connect two computers or more for real multi-player racing
  • Able to connect to Vrace network for across the Internet racing


  • Vracer is not a story related car game like Grand Theft Auto
  • Vracer is addictive and can take up a lot of your time
  • You have to buy an multi-site license in order to install in on more than one computer.
  • If you want to do a multi-player game without buying a multi-site license you have to use the split-screen mode.

The Bottom Line

Vracer was well worth the money I paid for it

I only paid $97 for my copy of Vracer and I thought it was worth it.  Currently there is a limited time offer running for $37, a 62% savings

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